Comprehensive Protection For Windows Servers

Automate backups, reduce costs and simplify compliance while eliminating the threat of unplanned downtime.

Recover Windows Servers in Minutes, Not Hours

Sudden unplanned downtime can have serious consequences for your business, including lost customers, damaged reputation and even exposure to legal liability. It’s no longer acceptable to wait 12 hours for a server to be rebuilt. Our Virtual Recovery capability provides you with the fastest bare metal recovery speeds in the industry, minimizing the potential negative impact of unplanned downtime.

Automated Protection for HyperV

As modern datacenters become increasingly virtualized and consolidated, it also creates some special challenges when it comes to backup, disaster recovery, testing and compliance. Increased complexity from server sprawl and constant change can present significant challenges when it comes to data protection and disaster recovery. Our solution automates the protection of your virtualized infrastructure, eliminating confusion and freeing up time for more important projects.

Granular Recovery for Email, Documents, Databases and More

Microsoft applications are the nerve center of most companies today. Without access to email, CRM, ERP or productivity applications, the entire company is paralyzed, and damage begins to accumulate. In addition to full server recovery capabilities, our service also includes specialized functionality for granular recovery of Exchange, SQL and other Microsoft systems. Whether you want to recover a mailbox, a database table, or some other logical data element, we can make this process fast, simple and error-free.

Instant Failover to Remote Datacenter

In the event that your primary location is physically destroyed or incapacitated, we can host your system in our datacenter until you’re back in business. We can mirror your systems to our datacenter, with near-instant failover in the event of a disaster. This ensures no noticeable service interruption, even in the most destructive events.

24-hour Monitoring and Support

We proactively monitor all backup and DR processes for potential issues arise, and resolve them before they become a problem. We also provide dedicated 24 hour live phone support, ensuring all customer enquiries are thoroughly resolved.

Bare Metal Recovery

In addition to point-in-time recovery of files, mailboxes, database tables and other logical data elements, our solution also provides fast bare metal recovery of servers to virtual machines or even dissimilar hardware. Our service provides some of the most robust Bare Metal Recovery capabilities available anywhere on the market today.

Local and Remote Backup

Our on-site appliance provides local backups for fast recovery, and remote backups for disaster protection. And flexible backup policies ensure that you can maintain optimized RPOs and RTOs, while eliminating manual processes while making efficient use of resources and bandwidth.