How it works

All of the rich features you need, in a simple, fully-automated, turnkey solution.

On-Site Appliance:

We provide an on-site backup appliance which creates both local and remote backups. Local backups are ideal for fast access to data in the most common recovery scenarios, and remote backups will protect you in the event of more serious disasters.

Efficient Backup and Transfer:

Block-level incremental transfers only transmit delta changes, ensuring minimal load on bandwidth.

And flexible backup policies allow you to combine scheduled and continuous backups for optimal RTO and RPO while maintaining efficient use of resources. By backing up through an appliance, you can ensure up-to-date local backups throughout the day, and schedule off-site transfers for times when network loads are lowest.

For companies with large data volumes, we can also seed the initial backup through a portable appliance which will be manually loaded into our datacenter.

State-of-the-art Security:

Backup data is encrypted locally using a private key before being sent off to our datacenter for remote storage over an SSL connection. This ensures that the data cannot be accessed by anyone without your consent.

In addition to this, our state-of-the-art datacenter features the most robust physical and technological security measures to ensure that your data is safe. And our datacenters are also equipped with redundant power and network connectivity, ensuring that it will remain resilient and reliable when you need it.

Online Backup with Integrated Archiving:

Protect all of your data to local and remote backup storage, and recover quickly through the intuitive recovery interface.

Granular recovery options allow you to roll back files for recovery from a previous point in time. And with support for SQL, Exchange, and other Windows services, you get granular recovery of emails, mailboxes, database tables and other logical data elements. We provide specialized toolsets for many of the most popular Microsoft applications.

Our solution also provides the capability to perform periodic archival snapshots of your data for long-term storage. This makes efficient use of storage and network resources eliminating redundant secondary archiving processes. Archiving also helps save money by moving older and inactive data from production equipment, and keeping it in second-tier storage.

Keeping your data in a format-neutral cloud storage ensures that electronic discovery is greatly simplified, and that you won’t have to struggle with legacy hardware compatibility issues when restoring in the future.

Bare Metal Recovery:

Our solution makes full system restores fast and effortless. Now you can easily perform full bare metal server recovery to virtual servers or even dissimilar hardware with a few clicks of a mouse.

And the Virtual Recovery capability within our backup appliance ensures that you can rebuild servers and bring them back online within minutes, instead of the hours it would take for a traditional server rebuild.

High Availability:

In the event of a physically destructive event at the primary datacenter, we can also offer instant failover to mirrored servers at a temporary hosting site within our datacenter until your systems are ready to come back online. This helps to minimize unplanned downtime in even the most severe disasters. Your critical business systems get the ultimate in resiliency and high-availability.

Support and Monitoring:

Our highly trained and experience in-house support team will proactively monitor and maintain your backups and DR environments. You also get dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable 24/7 phone support for your most urgent data disasters.

Also, our service is backed by solid, meaningful SLAs for additional peace of mind.