Why DRaaS?

Get resiliency, high availability and fast recovery speeds, without the expense or inconvenience of buying and managing your own DR infrastructure.

Total Peace Of Mind for Windows Administrators. Soon after a server crash:

  • Employees become unproductive because they can’t access their work.
  • Customers begin evaluating competitors. People begin to speak negatively about the company in social media and the press.
  • Your company becomes vulnerable to lawsuits due to its inability to meet contractual service guarantees.

Today’s businesses require true comprehensive end-to-end disaster protection which includes backup, disaster recovery and high availability. And in order to deal with increasing complexity, these solutions must be simple and automated while also offering the powerful features and capabilities to handle just about any recovery scenario.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Despite the serious consequences that can arise from a major disaster, many companies are still underprepared for these events. When IT budgets are tight, the costs associated with hardware, software, maintenance and alternate facilities can be prohibitive.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides businesses with complete, comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no capital investment. We provide all of the software, hardware and services you need in a turnkey solution that will save your company time and money.

Moving Beyond Traditional Backup Methods

A number of important technological and cultural changes have completely transformed the data protection requirements for companies today.

  • Exponential data growth and virtual server sprawl have significantly increased the complexity of backups, and the rate at which backup administrators must react to change within their backup processes.
  • Globalization and online business have create a shift in the way companies operate. 9-to-5 business schedules have been replaced by 24/7 operations. Customers also expect instant service, any time of day, through self-service portals. 
  • Climate change and urbanization are placing pressure on the disaster recovery capabilities of companies. Even major cities like Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, São Paulo and Tokyo are vulnerable to natural disasters.
  • The average cost of downtime for SMBs is $5,600 per minute. And the average server outage lasts 200 minutes.*
  • Despite the growing costs associated with data loss many companies still only maintain local backups. And amongst those companies that do maintain both on-site and off-site backups, most do not have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Disaster recovery goes beyond, and addresses the next-generation business issues which backup does not address.

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